Saso Dzeroski   Saso Dzeroski

Scientific Councillor, Jozef Stefan Institute, Dept. of Knowledge Technologies

Professor, Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School

Scientific Councillor, Centre of Excellence for Integrated Approaches in Chemistry and Biology of Proteins

Jamova cesta 39, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: (+386)(1) 477 3217
Fax: (+386)(1) 477 3315


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My research interests are in the areas of Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Knowledge Discovery in Databases. More specifically, they include:
  • Applications of Data Mining/Machine Learning in
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Life Sciences
    • Natural Language Processing
  • Combining Classifiers and Meta-Learning
  • Computational Scientific Discovery and Equation Discovery
  • Constraint-Based Data Mining and Data Mining Query Laguages
  • Inductive Databases and Inductive Queries
  • Inductive Logic Programming and Relational Data Mining
International research projects:
  • IQ: Inductive Queries for Mining Patterns and Models
  • SIGMEA: Sustainable Introduction of GMOs into European Agriculture
  • ECOGEN: Soil ecological and economic evaluation of genetically modified crops
  • cInQ: consortium on discovering knowledge with Inductive Queries
  • METAL: A Meta-Learning Assistant for Providing User Support in Machine Learning and Data Mining
  • ILPnet2: Network of Excellence in Inductive Logic Programming
Recent invited talks: Recent tutorials:
  • Multi-Relational Data Mining (S. Dzeroski and L. De Raedt). KDD-2003. Ninth ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. Washington DC, USA, August 2003.
  • Relational Data Mining. SDM-2003. SIAM International Conference on Data Mining. San Francisco, USA, May 2003.
  • Relational Data Mining. IEEE International Conference on Data Mining. Maebashi City, Japan, December 2002.
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  • Program chair:
    • AEDML-2004. Analysis of environmental data with machine learning methods.
      Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 2004. Program chair.
    • EAML-2004. International Workshop on Environmental Applications of Machine Learning and Data Mining.
      Bled, Slovenia, September 2004. Program co-chair with B. Zenko.
    • ECEM-2004. Fourth European Conference on Ecological Modelling.
      Bled, Slovenia, September 2004. Program co-chair with M. Debeljak.
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  • Program committee member:
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