Saso Dzeroski


Nomen est omen

In its original form in the Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet, my name is written

In the Macedonian and Slovenian Latin alphabets, this transcribes to

The modifier above s and z is caron (hacek) and not breve.

In LaTeX, my name is produced by typing Sa\v so D\v zeroski

In the English Latin alphabet, this further transcribes to Saso Dzeroski, which is how most people outside Macedonia and Slovenia would write my name.

is pronounced and is pronounced

The a in Saso and the e in Dzeroski are emphasized.

The Macedonian language has a simple rule regarding accent: in any given word, the third syllable (counting backward) is stressed, or the first syllable (counting forward) if the word has one or two syllables.

Since Dzeroski is not a common name (even in Macedonia), most spell checkers will report it as a misspelling. I recently encountered the following list of words of which Dzeroski could be considered a misspelling.