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System ILPnet2 Toolbox
Stefan Wrobel

Dear ILPnet member,

The software package you are about to download is the first step towards an ILPnet toolbox, i.e., a software platform for running, using and teaching ILP algorithms. In its first incarnation, the toolbox consists of the data mining platform Kepler, which offers reasonable basic functionality for loading and manipulating multirelational data, two ILP plug-in algorithms, namely Midos and Progol, and an exemplary step-by-step guide for using and learning about Progol in Kepler, including prepared and ready-to-load Kepler "workspaces" for the "animals" and "Mutagenesis" problems. (Kepler is being made available to ILPnet members courtesy of the Knowledge discovery team at Fraunhofer AIS, Sankt Augustin; the ILP algorithms such as Midos and Progol are being made available to the project members courtesy of their developers. Progol is freely available for academic research and teaching. Progol is also available under license for commercial research. To apply for such a license, please write to

You can put this package to several uses, and we can certainly recommend it as a method to allow students to quickly get a brief hands-on impression of an algorithm in a graphical environment:

For the ILP practitioner and/or researcher, Kepler offers potential but also some limitations which means you should have a look yourself whether you find it useful for the following purposes:

In sum, we hope you find this package useful for teaching and perhaps also for experimenting yourself!

(Research group Knowledge discovery and Machine learning, Otto-von-Guericke-Univ. Magdeburg)

P.S. A word of caution. We are providing this package as a service to the community, and have done our best to test the step-by-step guide and make it work reliably. We will try to fix any error in the step by step guide and the accompanying data, but we cannot fix bugs in the basic Kepler platform. We are discussing with Fraunhofer AIS whether someone could be found for doing that, but we have not found a solution yet. P.P.S Questions about the ILP Toolbix should be addressed to Lourdes Pena at

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