Further specification: First Order Revision of Theories from Examples
Code:Quintus Prolog
References:Richards and Mooney 1995

FORTE (First Order Revision of Theories from Examples) is a system for automatically revising function-free first-order Horn clause theories. FORTE integrates a collection of specialisation and generalisation operators and conducts an iterative hill-climbing search through the space of revision operations. The system includes the operators delete-antecedent and delete-rule, adopted from propositional theory revision, FOIL-like operators for adding antecedents and new rules, two generalisation operators based on inverse resolution, and an antecedent-adding operator termed `relational pathfinding'. Each iteration of the search identifies all possibilities for applying the operators. The revision operation resulting in a maximum increase in theory accuracy is performed. The revision process continues as long as revisions produce an improvement in accuracy or a reduction in theory size.


  1. B.L. Richards and R.J. Mooney. Refinement of first-order Horn-clause domain theories. Machine Learning, 19(2):95-131, 1995.

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