Report on the 3rd Learning Language in Logic Workshop (LLL-01)
Strasbourg, France, September 8-9, 2001

Lubos Popelinsky


The Learning Language in Logic Workshop (LLL-01), held on 8-9 September 2001 in Strasbourg, France was the third in a series of LLL workshops. The previous two were held in 1999 in Bled, Slovenia, and in 2000 in Lisboa, Portugal. The LLL workshop was co-located with the ILP-01, with which it shared a joint session.

The program of the workshop split into two parts. Work-in-progress papers were presented in the afternoon of September 8.

Six papers (out of the 8 submitted) addressed different topics in computational linguistics. The first session focused on current research trends in learning categorial grammars and contained the following papers:

The second session addressed current applications of ILP in NLP and contained the following papers

The session on September 9 was a joint session of LLL-01 and ILP-01. Dan Roth, the invited speaker of LLL-01, presented a novel approach to relational learning in NLP, based on constructing many features and learning efficiently from them. This was a very interesting talk and the ILP community would do well to pay this work more attention. The rest of this morning session consisted of papers from ILP-01, which included two talks related to LLL:

The number of participants registered for LLL-01 was 32.

The proceedings of LLL-01 have been released as a technical report at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno:

They are available as PostScript:

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