Report on ILP-2000: The Tenth International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP-2000) in London, 24-27 July, 2000

Alan Frisch and James Cussens

The Tenth International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP-2000), was held in London during 24-27 July, 2000. ILP-2000 was integrated with the First International Conference on Computational Logic (CL2000) at Imperial College. With ILP's strong roots in computational logic, this was a natural marriage. CL2000 was a five-day extravaganza, incorporating both the Sixth International Conference on Rules and Objects in Databases (DOOD 2000) and the Tenth International Workshop on Logic-based Program Synthesis and Transformation (LOPSTR 2000) and featuring eight plenary speakers, twelve tutorials, and seven affiliated workshops. Registrants for CL2000 and ILP2000 could move freely between the two events, the main difference between the events being separate conference proceedings.

As part of the integration of the conferences, ILP provided a plenary speaker for CL2000. The speaker, David Page, gave an excellent overview of ILP's past successes and future challenges. ILP also provided two tutorials open to all ILP and CL participants. Stephen Muggleton's tutorial was entitled "Applications of Inductive Logic Programming" and Peter Flach's tutorial was entitled "Knowledge Representation for Inductive Logic Programming".

Though ILP has been co-located with other conferences, it had never before been integrated with another conference as it was in 2000. We believe that this integration proved to be a great success. The ILP community obtained exposure to a wide range of work in computational logic and especially in logic programming. The conference also gave the ILP community its greatest opportunity to present its achievements to the computational logic community.

The effect of co-location with CL2000 was apparent in the accepted papers, which had a noticeable logical bent to them. For example, there were two papers on learning in description logics. And although the emphasis was on theory at ILP2000 - it was notable that two papers on implementation techniques both involved authors from both the ILP and CL communities.

At the ILP Conference track, fifteen refereed papers were presented. These fifteen papers, plus David Page's invited talk, all appear in the Conference Proceedings, edited by James Cussens and Alan Frisch and published by Springer-Verlag as volume 1866 in its Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series. In addition to this usual conference track, ILP2000 also had a work-in-progress track showcasing promising new directions and allowing feedback on preliminary work. Twenty poster were presented in this track with associated papers published in a volume of Work-in-Progress Reports distributed at the conference. This volume will also be made available on the world wide web.

ILP2000 would not have been possible without the generous support of no less than three sponsors:

On behalf of the ILP community we would like to thank all three networks for their support.

Further information on ILP2000 can be found at

ILP2001 will be held in Strasbourg during the summer of 2001.

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