A Brief Report On ESSLI-2000: The 12th European Summer School on Logic, Language and Information in Birmingham, 6-18 August 2000

Achim Jung

The summer school is organised under the auspices of FoLLI, the Foundation for Logic, Language and Information, and takes place annually. The local organisers for this year's event were Achim Jung and Eike Ritter. The scientific programme was selected from the applications received by a programme committee, headed by Enrico Franconi, Manchester. Some additional courses were solicited from specific lecturers so as to balance the programme in content and level.

The actual conference programme took place almost exactly as planned, and can be found at http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~esslli/. Two changes were necessary: Paul John King from Tübingen was replaced by Frank Richter from the same department as King. The course by Anastasia Giannakidou had to be cancelled because of illness of the lecturer. This resulted in 41 courses in 6 categories. The courses supported by ILPnet2 were:

In addition, there were five evening lectures. Four of the lecturers were drawn from course lecturers, the fifth was invited specially for the event and paid for by the Vienna Circle project based in Amsterdam. They were:

Feedback from participants on programme and organisation has been very positive. I quote from three email messages:


The registration database shows 396 records. Of these, there were 355 active participants. This figure in turn can be broken down into 76 lecturers, 4 industry representatives, 54 scholars, and 221 PhD students.

ESSLLI supported 25 students from disadvantaged countries by granting free registration. In addition, we attracted 3,500 pounds from the London Mathematical Society to pay for their accommodation costs. These students would most likely not have been able to come otherwise.


The sponsorship of ILPnet has been included on the website, and is also given a prominent place in the programme booklet which was handed out to each registered participant. It will again be mentioned on the CD which we will send to all participants in a few weeks' time.


The total expenditure, excluding participants accommodation, will be somewhere around £54,000. This is almost exactly covered by our income (including sponsorship). A serious deficit would have arisen if all lecturers had claimed their travel expenses, as originally promised to them. We appealed strongly to them to seek alternative funding and this has brought down the total by about £4,000. The very small remaining gap can be covered by the School of Computer Science of the University of Birmingham.

Use of ILPNET's contribution to the costs of ESSLLI

The contribution of 1,000 EUR is used to pay for the expenses of the three ILP related speakers Blockeel, Cussens and Muggleton. The consist of accommodation and travel costs. This exceeds 1,000 EUR and the remainder will have to funded from other sources.

We are in the middle of constructing a web repository of teaching material related to ESSLLI 2000. The link to it can be made available to ILPnet members. In addition, all course material will be available on CD to ESSLLI participants. IF ILPnet is willing to pay for it, then additional copies of this CD can be sent to ILPnet members as well. The cost is expected to be near 1 pound per CD.

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