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Welcome to the ILPnet2 home page at the Jozef Stefan Institute (IJS).
ILPnet2 is the Network of Excellence in Inductive Logic Programming, consisting of over 20 universities
and research institutes. In addition the network actively pursues industrial relations  through its End-user-club,
consisting of companies and other non-academic institutions interested in practical applications of ILP.

The Department of Intelligent Systems (Saso Dzeroski) at IJS acts as the scientific coordinator of ILPnet2.
The home page of ILPnet2 is located at the University of Bristol, Department of Computer Science (Peter Flach),
the administrative coordinator of ILPnet2.

The following information is available through the ILPnet2 Home @ IJS:

For more information on ILPnet2, its mission,objectives and activities, visit the home page of ILPnet2.

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