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Presentations of Long Papers

Each presenter of a long paper will have 20 minutes for his talk and 5 minutes for answering questions and discussion, so please rehearse your presentation to make sure it fits within this time interval. Please be sure that you test your presentation and equipment during the break prior to the session to make sure that everything works fine.

Presentations of Regular (Short) Papers

Presenters of the regular (short, that is 5 pages) papers are given opportunity for brief oral presentation of their work on the afternoon session on Sunday (starting at 16:10).

The time for the brief presentation is limited to 5 minutes with no time for discussion. Presenters should copy their presentation to the computer in the presentation room prior to starting the session, so we can proceed without loosing too much time between two presentations. Note that due to very limited time for presentations, we strongly recommend to limit your number of slides to 3. Presenters of short papers can further discuss their work in front of their posters during the poster session that starts on 17:55 on Sunday afternoon.

During the poster session, each poster presenter will be offered an A0 (that is 1.4x1 meter) panel board. Please be sure that you put your poster on the panel during the coffee break prior to the poster session.