Description of the Nodes

ILPNET is the Inductive Logic Programming European Scientific Network, financially supported by the CEC Action for Cooperation in Science and Technology with Central and Eastern European Countries (PECO 92), contract no. CIPA3510OCT920044. ILPNET is being financed for the duration of three years, starting on July 26, 1993. ILPNET gathers 19 leading European institutions involved in Inductive Logic Programming research.

The booklet contains the descriptions of the following nodes (ordered in the alphabetic order of the institution's hometown):

Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) is a research area in the intersection of inductive machine learning and computational logic. The aim of the scientific network ILPNET is to stimulate the development, coordination, communication and exchange of results and personnel in European ILP research and to disseminate the research results to a wider European/world research community. In the scientific sense, the aim of ILPNET is to provide the infrastructure for the ongoing European research in ILP, most of which is currently performed within the ESPRIT III Basic Research Project No. 6020 Inductive Logic Programming. A particular aim of ILPNET is to build new communication and dissemination channels and to make them available to Central and Eastern European researchers interested in ILP. ILPNET has the following objectives: The management structure of ILPNET is the following: Contact:
Nada Lavrac, Darko Zupanic 
Jozef Stefan Institute 
Jamova 39, 61111 Ljubljana, Slovenia 
phone +386 61 12 59 199, fax +386 61 12 58 058 and +386 61 219 385 
Email: {Nada.Lavrac,Darko.Zupanic} 
This booklet is intended to provide an overview of the current ILP research in Europe, by giving a compact description of each ILPNET node, including a list of researchers, main research areas, description of current research, list of recent publications and exact addresses of contact persons.

This booklet was distributed by email to ILPNET partners and to approx. 250 subscribers of ILPNET Newsletter (ILP Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 2, 23rd May 1994). It is also accessible via World-Wide Web from the ILPNET title page.

Ljubljana, May 1994

Nada Lavrac
Academic coordinator of ILPNET