Possibilities of Travel Support

ICML-99 itself is not able to provide travel support. However, we would like to point out the following possibilities for travel support to attend ICML-99 and/or ILP-99.

If you are studying/working at an institution that is a node of MLnetII or ILPnet2 (both are European networks of excellence), it should be possible to get support to attend ICML-99 and/or ILP-99: contact the responsible node manager for your institution or the network coordinator (Maarten van Someren for MLnet2 - maarten@swi.psy.uva.nl, Peter Flach for ILPnet2 - Peter.Flach@cs.bris.ac.uk)

You need to make contact with the abovementioned persons DIRECTLY and not through ICML-99 and/or ILP-99. The extent of travel support will be determined by the respective network.

There is also some student travel support available for authors of ICML-99 accepted papers from the US. This source is for technical reasons limited to US citizens and residents. Original receipts will be needed for reimbursement. Applications should be sent to Jude Shavlik (shavlik@cs.wisc.edu) BEFORE JUNE 1, 1999.

Applicants should state: